Stephenie Meyer -

Stephenie Meyer

Vrai nom :Stephenie Morgan Meyer
Née le : 24 décembre 1973 (44 ans)
Nationalité : Etats-Unis
Métier : écrivain


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La biographie de Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer est l'auteur de la série de livres Twilight, composé de quatre tomes : Fascination, Tentation, Hésitation et Révélation, qui raconte l'histoire de Bella, une jeune fille de 17 ans  qui décide d'aller vivre avec son père à Forks, une ville morne où elle a peu de chance de s'épanouir. Mais l'héroïne y fait la connaissance d'Edward, un mystérieux étudiant dont elle tombe follement amoureuse. 

Selon Stephenie Meyer, l'idée du premier roman de la série lui est venu suite à un rêve, qu'elle raconte d'ailleurs dans l'un des chapitre du livre. Fascination a imméditament rencontré un grand succès, et l'écrivain a rapidement signé un contrat avec son éditeur pour les autres tomes à venir.


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I'm only thirteen, tnirnug fourteen soon, so I might be a bit biased, but, I believe that Twilight is a perfectly good movie to take kids to. As long as they understand what's going on and they're not too young, provided. If I was a parent (which I'm not; I don't approve of teenage pregnancy), I would allow my child to see it, as long as they were old enough to understand the feelings and themes in it. Of course letting a five-year-old child see it is a bad idea, because pretty soon they will be wandering around their school babbling about people making out . I don't believe they should be doing that.This is my time to be hostile. Sorry, you can skip the following if you want; I'm just venting.For you people who like to hide behind the Bible, saying that Twilight is sacreligious , I'm sorry, but I have to tell you: that's complete B.S. Another thirteen-year-old once told me that she was Catholic, so she was lucky she got to read Harry Potter. can someone please explain to me what the heck is wrong with a little imagination? I'm a Roman Catholic, I went to a Catholic school from Kindergarten to Seventh Grade. The only reason I left was because I got accepted into a public School of Choice. The admissions are done by lottery, so I got lucky, and my parents made me (no regrets, it's really good). Okay, people were talking about The Golden Compass as being the most Atheist book in existence . I'm sorry, but I read it, and it just gave me a new viewpoint on life. If you really think your child is so religiously unsound, you need to either send them to a convent or talk to them. If anything, these sort of things will make them see things as others do. Is that really so wrong? It's the same with Twilight. They're vampires, they defy the laws of God. Did God ever say I am your ruler. Here are the laws. You must abide by them or you will go to Hell. No! He wants us to live with Him, in Him, not as his subjects! He wants us to be like best friends, not tyrant and subject.Anyway, that was my religious tirade for the day. ^_^;; If you read that, I'm sorry. Also, if you're not Catholic and I just insulted your religion, I'm so, so, so sorry. It's just that these things really get under my skin.So anyway, I know you all are tired of hearing me blabber on, so: it's time for a summary.I believe that you should allow your children to see this movie, as long as they are old enough to understand and be mature about the content. I also think that it would be good for them to read the book first, just to make sure that thy are fine with the content before seeing it in action. Well, that's my lecture for today. See you all on the flip side! Take Care!-Kendall
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I loved breaking dawn!! and was so glad that it ended on a high! as it was the last book in the saga and I think that if it had a sad edning it would always play on your mind and would put you off reading the other books again as you would know that in the end after all the characters went though just for it to end badly or for one of them to be killed off!! But what really upsets me is midnight sun!! arhhhh midnight sun!! I, being so stupid read the chapters S.meyers put on her website and found I can't stop thinking about the rest of my book.. It was like watching a great no fantastic movie then after half way though the dvd stops and the rest of the film can't be found anywhere! I've searched everywhere to find out if she is still going to finish the book and everyone has a opion on it?? So whats true? The fact is there are thousands maybe millions of twilight fans out there that are calling! yelling! screaming! for another book to come out midnight sun yes please- but others as well like maybe edwards view being told for all the twilight saga! (finding out what he was thinking in newmoon would be great) or the aftermath of breaking dawn or a so many years later book? (if desperate housewives can do it then why not!) If j.k rowling can get 7 books out of harry potter isnt it only fair that S.Meyers could give us her fans the same?. I myself need another twilight fix asap and to hear that S.Meyers might be writing again only for it not to be about twilight at all is horrible!! yes that makes me sound a little crazy but I need to know more!!! yep I'm crazy alright lol!!! maybe if all her fans all around the world paid her money to carry on writing more about twilight then she would? If thats all it would take to get my T fix then my moneys in the mail now to her!! lol So please please S.meyers finish writing midnight sun we (your fans) have followed you in your writing journey and brought your books and plenty of other twilight related items and have thought nothing but the best of you and have we have all fell in love (a strong word but true lol) with your characters you have created in these books and we all miss them a lot! its like not hearing from your friends in ages,so please can you finish it. But can someone please let me know what is going on??? Is midnight sun going to be published? is there anymore twilight related books coming soon? Thanks for reading my crazy maybe a little werid ranting.
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Your cranium must be protecting some very valaulbe brains.
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